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Monday, February 28, 2005

Retired doc's suggestions for medical curriculum-part 2

To appropriately counter balance the propaganda aimed at convincing everyone of the virtues of a single payer system, med students should have a few lectures properly characterizing the British NHS. The NHS's recent admission-though they don't really admit it is an admission-regarding the terrible job they did with mammograms should be required reading for medical students. Doctor CCB has an excellent posting on that issue. I have spent some time with young physicians from Great Britain in recent years and I will send them this information in the hope that their patronizing antagonism to screening might be rethought.Former senator Phil Grahm-ever the master of the sound bite-said in the era of the spectre of Hiliary care-that they wanted to redo American medicine in the image of the post office.Better the post office that the image of the NHS.I also have had occasion in recent years to treat Brits on assignment in the US.Typically,they have indicated when they return home they will purchase private health insurance.

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The Squire said...

Hello - I'm a pre-med student and I wandered over here from DB's Medical Rants. I hear a lot about how bad the NHS is in Britain, yet I hear lots of praise for continental socialized health. Can you point me to a good comparison between the US system, the NHS, and a few Western European systems?