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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The big three cure for all that ails medicine.

Singly or in combination it seems that whatever problem is identified,worried about or exaggerated, the proposed cure will be 1)IT-that is, some form of information technology, 2) a single payer system and/or 3) evidence based medicine. Those who have irrational exuberance for these panaceas might look carefully at how well the Medicare Part D has worked so far as it relates to items one and two mentioned above. At least we can't blame EBM for this fiasco. So far, it looks like the states have had to jump in to help seniors who otherwise would leave the pharmacy without their meds and the federal government is proposing legislation to repay them. All of this on the heels of numerous reports of the profound difficulty many seniors had in trying to figure out what the program was and how to sign up.Naturally a congressional investigation will be formed to try and determine why a government program did not work as advertised. Can you imagine such a thing?

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