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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Two (three) must read articles on clinical guidelines

Clinical guidelines,virtually non-existent a few decades ago now have reached hyper-epidemic proportions. Two of the best medical bloggers have recently penned commentaries that are must reading. DM,know in the real world as Dr.Robert Centor published a great editorial in JAMA

DrRich, known in real life as Dr. Fogoros wrote the blog postings linked below and as usual gives a take on the guidelines issue that should make physicians and other interested readers sit up and notice and one that I'll bet you won't see elsewhere. Dr. Fogoros is a card-carrying cardiologist (well maybe, he does not carry his card any longer and after they read his Part 2, they may try to take the card away) and with the credibility that should go with that dives into the subject of cardiology guidelines.Part 1 is good but Part 2 should knock your socks off and offers a great insight into what we might expect from comparative effectiveness research even if the government sponsors it as long as they use humans to do the work.

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