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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In Canada health care is a right,wait ,no it isn't?

In Canada, there is universal health care with a single payer and for the most part no opting of the system.Their supreme court ruled that patient rights were been violated because their access to health care was in some instances so delayed that it was no care at all.

Now consider the case of an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Brian Day who is involved in legal proceedings with the provincial health care entity in British Columbia for accepting payment from a private citizen for medical care. See here for some details and here for details of Dr. Day's lawsuit which seeks to overturn the law in BC that bans private medical care. In this matter the government is arguing that the supreme court ruling does not apply because health care is not a right after all.

Wait,I thought the government of Canada provided medical care for all because of the belief that medical care was a right but now it isn't.

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Toronto Realtor said...

Well our health care system sure has some holes in it and is not perfect, but which system is. I believe the American has a lot of negatives about it too. There is no right answer to the question which health care system in the world is the best. A health care system in Canada would be no good in for example Monaco and vice versa. Health care systems are never perfect and never will be.

Take care, Elli