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Thursday, August 06, 2009

One more time, so how is the Massachusetts health care plan working?

Here is one view offered by one of my favorite economists, Arnold Kling. Some proponents of certain elements of the administration's health care reform plan ( really the Democrats House of Representatives plan) amazingly claim that the plan for Mass-care is working just fine and would serve well as an example of what should be done on a national level

As Kling explains: ( the italics were added by me):

So, the reform is "working" by mandating a shift in compensation from take-home pay to health insurance ( i.e forcing employers to offer insurance) and by draining money from the Federal taxpayers ( yes, the federal government is bailing them out)

In sum, the plan costs much more than projected, waiting times for physician appointments have skyrocketed, and the Federal Government is having to help pay for it . Who will pay for the cost overruns if and when a similar plan is put into place for the entire country?

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April H said...

Thank you for pointing this out. After reading "Atlas Shrugged", it only makes sense, but it's difficult to find anywhere willing to post the statistics.

South Florida is now looking to model itself on the Massachusetts plan, as if Mass is a favorable model. But there are no numbers.