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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Will the senate Health care reconstruction bill cover acupuncture and bee pollen? Maybe

The answer seems to be "maybe" because while there is no specific mention of bee pollen ( no, I have not read the entire bill to be sure there is in fact no mention of bees) there is the issue of interpretation of the "non-discrimination provision which is discussed here. (h/t to John Goodman).The hyperlink cited also has a link to the bill itself)

The provision at issue states that insurers shall not discriminate against any health care provider that is licensed by the state. Many states do license "providers" who are,to be politically correct,alternative medicine practitioners. So does it follow that insurers will have to pay for whatever brand of woo dished out by certain alternative woo providers as long as they are licensed by the state?

The alternative medicine lobby along with the lobbyists for supplements would seem to be happy with the senate bill and both Senator Harry Reid and Senator Harkin also with Senator Hatch seem supportive of both interests according to the LA Times article referenced above.

How many more gems of silliness and special interest provisions will turn up in the compromise bill once the Senate passes something?


Michael Kirsch, M.D. said...

This might help my GI practice. I can market magnetisim and Reiki for my irritable bowel patients. I will find out if yoga is licensed in Ohio, as this might be another practice add-on. www.MDWhistleblower.blogspot.com

Liz said...

Well, the bill is out and now you know at least a partial list of "sweeteners" that got the votes to seal the deal. What I don't understand is why CDHP isn't being given more consideration. Bend the Health Care Trend by Mark Gaunya and Jennifer Borislow is all about consumer driven health plans. Great info on the plans and how they work. They make the point: '"When consumers are empowered to spend responsibly and take better care of themselves, total spending will slow down, ultimately reducing the inflation rate of premium increases. Employee engagement will translate into savings for both consumers and employers." The authors are noted experts in the field of CDHP and are passionate about them and employer wellness.