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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cahoots ,Obamacare and Big Pharma

Dr. Richard Fogoros in his blog,The Covert Rationing Blog,made the observation that big health insurance companies were on board with Obamacare and helped get that statute passed because the way thing were going that was their only chance to be at least viable for awhile longer and then perhaps exist as a more or less regulated utility.See here for his cogent observations

Now, we have good reason to believe that Big Pharma was in cahoots with the democrats to pass Obamacare.What did Big Pharma get out it? Eliminating the part of the proposed legislation that would allow reimporting of prescriptions drugs and at least resisting price controls for a while. See here for the comments from the blog Health Care BS. See here for the WSJ report for details of the involvement of drug companies in pushing for the passage of ACA using astro turf type front groups (i.e two 501(c)(4) organizations).

WSJ points out that at least Big Pharma got something for their support.What AMA is alleged to have been lobbying for (the doc fix) was not part of the bill.Well,swimming with the sharks (also known as "a seat at the table") has its risks but at least the AMA leadership was able to have claimed a victory for social justice.

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