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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Say it isn't so Joe, Medical "thought leaders" might have conflict of interests

 The issue of possible conflicts of interest (COI) has arisen in regard to both the National Quality Forum,  (NQF) and the popular UpToDate.

 This article in the Journal Of Medical ethics discusses that issue in regard to the popular UpToDate which on its web site describes its self as "premier evidence-based clinical decision support resource". The journal article has this to say regarding several sections of UpToDate comparing it to another rival medical resource:

"All articles from the UpToDate articles demonstrated a conflict of interest. At times, the editor and author would have a financial relationship with a company whose drug was mentioned within the article. This is in contrast with articles on the Dynamed website, in which no author or editor had a documented conflict. We offer recommendations regarding the role of conflict of interest disclosure in these point-of-care evidence-based medicine websites."  It should be noted that the journal authors did not review all of sections but selected ones that involved subjects for which treatment was controversial and/or involved recommendations for specific treatments that wee provided by a single supplier.

Much more has been written about possible COI regarding the NQF.

Details regarding Dr. Charles Denham can be found in this article in "Modern Health Care. Quoting that article:
"Dr. Charles Denham, co-chair of NQF's Safe Practices Committee in 2010, received $11.6 million from San Diego-based CareFusion to promote the company's ChloraPrep line of skin-preparation products. Denham's committee at the NQF also recommended surgeons use ChloraPrep products to prevent surgical infections, the NQF said."

Dr.Christine Cassel,currently CEO of NQF left little doubt about her assessment of Denham actions saying simply "He lied" when he mislead the NQF regarding his possible COI and business interests. Dr. Cassel was not affiliated with NQF at the time of the allegedly kickback  related activities.

Ironically enough now Dr Casell has the spotlight on her in regard to possible COI  regarding her role at NQF. ProPublica takes up that issue here. I say ironically because one aspect of Dr.Cassel's academic reputation has been in the field of medical ethics.Dr. Cassel has written and lectured extensively on medical ethics, authored or co-authored several publications in the field including "Ethical Dimension in Health Professions" and completed a fellowship in bioethics.

 So what is it that Pro Publica finds of concern in regard to Dr. Cassel's role at NQF. It is in regard to other compensated positions that she holds.For example Dr. Cassel is a board member for Premier Inc with a reported compensation  of  $ 235,000 and stock.Does a board member of a corporation not have a fiduciary duty to the corporation.?

Since she has earned the title of expert in the field of medical ethics it seems astonishing to me that she apparently does not consider it an ethical breach to play a leadership role in the NQF and to  receive compensation  from two organizations that could profit ( or loose) based on some recommendations made by that organization. Two ethicist interviewed by Pro Publica seem to disagree and Dr Roy Poses ( see here) who is absolutely untiring in his efforts to point out issues of COI in health care has this to say regarding Dr. Cassel's dual roles:

"However, in my humble opinion, the issue here goes even beyond a blatant and undisclosed conflict of interest.  That a top steward of a big for-profit health care corporation could simultaneously be the top leader of an influential non-profit health care quality improvement organization suggests that increasingly US health care is run by an insular group of insiders whose influence gets ever larger because of their collective power, not necessarily because of their dedication or ability to improving health care.

 As ProPublica put it,
Rosemary Gibson, an author and senior adviser to The Hastings Center, a research group dedicated to bioethics in the public interest, said she wasn’t surprised at Cassel’s outside compensation. So much money permeates decision-making in Washington, she said, that participants have become oblivious.'The insiders don’t see it,' Gibson said. 'It’s like a fish in water.'

Update: 2/27/2014 Dr Cassel has resigned from her posts at Premier and  Kaiser.

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