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Monday, June 12, 2017

After 40 plus years ABIM does audit to see if I have a medical license

What is that all about?

 I received a letter from the ABIM informing me that " during a recent audit, ABIM was unable to confirm that you have a valid license to practice medicine." I was requested to send a copy of my license within 30 days and " if ABIM is unable to confirm that you hold a valid license to practice medicine,ABIM will be obliged to suspend your Board Certification and report your certification status as "Not certified".

I replied the same day by Email and send a hard copy of my license by letter . A few days later I received a second letter identical to the first and again I replied by mail with a copy of my license.I have had no reply.

I wondered about their audit procedure. I was able to verify my license in less than 2 minutes by going the website of the state of the medical board in the state in which I have had an uninterrupted license  at the same address for over 35 years.If their audit process is as inadequate as it appears to be they will waste more than a little time and effort to confirm licenses and waste time and efforts of diplomats replying to the requests.

Why , after forty years, does ABIM consider it necessary to determine if I have a license?

Is this somehow related to their widely criticized  maintenance of certification (MOC) program and the efforts of some organizations to link MOC with state medical license requirements?

Have others received similar letters? Any thoughts about what this is all about?

addendum: It is now more than 2 months and ABIM has still not replied to my email which they had promised in "2-3 weeks" saying they were very busy. 8/19/17


Paragona said...

I would call/write directly to ABIM and check out if it was even valid. Double-requesting without feedback sounds strange...

james gaulte said...

Good thought about checking the validity of the letter. I also sent an email to their email address listed on their website with a photocopy of my license and received a quick automatic reply saying that their replies to emails would take 2-3 weeks which it has been with no reply. I think I will see what I can find out by phone.


DrWes said...

The legitimacy of (MOC) certification has been called into question on my blog. ABMS/ABIM and the entire ACGME are panicked and are trying to tie Board certification verification to licensure status. Only now are they realizing their public disclosure of being board certified yet not licensed exposes them to significant liability. States are pushing back and preventing MOC to be a mandate for credentials, insurance payments, and licensure. ABMS needs regulatory capture to keep their money flow going, so there is no wonder they threaten revoking your "certification" to strong arm you to send a copy of your license to them.

I would avoid sending them anything until they explain themselves and provide proof certification (especially time-limited certification) improves public health or safety. The reality is this: ABIM is accountable to no one and states have an obligation to protect themselves from corporate agendas.

james gaulte said...

Dr. Wes

Thanks for your comments and again thanks for all your tireless research and analysis regarding what ABIM in up to. I never have heard back from my inquires to the ABIM (it is long past the 2-3 week reply they promised.)Your comment about ABIM liability is interesting but I am a bit unsure as to what the nature of their liability would be.

James Gaulte