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Saturday, November 25, 2017

How to survive under socialized medicine

Here is a quote which to me seems may have high titer of deep insight.(my bolding)

"In many areas of medicine, particularly those related to especially politicized areas like CVD and other "life-style" diseases, government-franchised practitioners are often dangerously ignorant of essential facts.
Remember that the worst aspect of socialist medicine is that medicine as a rational science is epistemologically destroyed by eliminating the role of the doctor as a sovereign, independently thinking, professional. "

H/T to Dr. Paul Hsieh in his blog "We Stand Firm" who in turn found it in essay entitled "How to Survive under Socialized Medicine" which was re-published in another blog (ReasonPharm) which in turn credited it to a facebook entry by some one named Christian W. (Please excuse the rather lengthy attribution but I did not want to slight the person who seems to be the actual author.)

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