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Monday, December 03, 2018

kids fredquently getting hit the head is not a good idea

More data accumulate indicating MR changes in the brain are associated with sub concussive blows in youth football in a single season.

Functional MR studies (fMr) have shown changes in both gray and white matter correlated with the number of blows  to the head  as measured by impact detecting systems placed inside football helmet's.

The immediate and long term effect on the young brain is not known and the relationship to CTE is speculative.

Maybe the developing brain is more vulnerable to harm from multiple mini traumas or maybe it is more adaptive .

Meanwhile the  experiments continue in youth football leagues and under Friday Night Lights.

Murugeson from Southwestern Medical School in Dallas  presented data at recent  RSNA  meeting demonstrating functional MR changes in a single season of high school football correlated with sub concussive head blows.So these are kids who had no reported concussion.  Data from a Wake Forrest study indicated majority of sub concussive blows occurring during practice.

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