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Monday, December 16, 2019

Important changes happening(and happened) in Med School Education what is it about?

Drs. Accad and Koka  discuss  major changes in Medical school education with Dr. Stanley Goldfarb.See here for the podcast.

Are the changes in the medical school curriculum designed to develop social and political advocates rather than well trained physicians?Dr. Goldfarb argues that it is.

The changes are all about population medicine,some thing I have blogged about often before see here.

Courses about climate and medical conditions are already on the curriculum of several medical schools ( see here ).One school mentioned in the linked article actually giving instructions on how to write op-eds about climate change supply a concrete example of Goldfarb's argument.Classes on
environmental justice are also appearing on the schedule.

The degree to which a progressive view point is often part of primary,high school and college education should make it no surprise that med school students are actually requesting courses
in social and environmental justice.

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