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Monday, July 04, 2011

July 4th, all about the right to vote or much more than that?

This commentary from the Coyote Blog is good fourth of July reading.

Warren Meyer,a libertarian entrepreneur and prolific writer, who writes the blog as well as being a contributor to Forbes list three principles more important than the right to vote. Here is the first one he discusses:

"The Rule of Law.
For about 99% of human history, political power has been exercised at the unchecked capricious whim of a few individuals. The great innovation of western countries like the US, and before it England and the Netherlands, has been to subjugate the power of government officials to the rule of law. Criminal justice, adjudication of disputes, contracts, etc. all operate based on a set of laws known to all in advance and applying equally to all."

Meyer then points out the obvious contempt for the rule of law with the exemptions to certain provisions of the health care law .

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