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Monday, July 11, 2011

What is the moral case for Obamacare?

Is there one at all?This commentary by the economist John Goodman argues there is none. After Dr.Goodman made his case he invited readers to offer such a moral justification.I could find none in the forty reply to his article.

Several commentators ( including spokesmen for the ACP and the AMA ) claimed that Obamacare furthered social justice. So could that be the moral justification for Obamcare?

In regard to social justice Thomas Sowell said the following:

Their passionate arguments for particular results tend to obscure or distract attention from the question of the social processes by which these hoped-for results are to be pursued

Goodman,in this most recent cited commentary, and in numerous others posting on his blog gives great detail of the various social process set in motion by Obamacare and the numerous apparently unintended consequences

In short, the various elements of this outlandish long bill do just about anything other than the putative hoped-for results which is "affordable , accessible health care for all" and instead offer a mind boggling array of counterproductive results and bizarre inequities and the frightening promise that many more such dystopian outcomes will arise from the hundreds ( more likely thousands) of pages yet to be written by agencies created by Obamacare and the incredible discretionary powers given to the Secretary of HHS.

Perhaps,spokesmen for the medical organizations who champion (yes, they still support it in spite of the increasing evidence that the bill is a very bad idea) can offer a moral justification .

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