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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

U.S. health care needs more regulation,bureaucratic oversight and expert panels

Fortunately, that is exactly what is on the way  thanks to ACA also known as Bronco care-formerly Obamacare. Efficiency and innovation will be forced from the top down with new regulations,more price controls sprinkled with the fairy dust of accountable care organizations,medical homes and high value care all of which will also preserve the medical commons.  Wise central planners will shape a system of rational health care thankfully cleansed of the short sighted, selfish collaboration of the archaic physician patient dyad which for so long impeded the effective,cost efficient, culturally competent health care for all which social justice demands.

We can see from scrutiny of the historical record  how those techniques were successful in generating cheaper,better quality goods and services and general public admiration in the following areas : Amtrak,the US post Office, public school education, airline regulation, DMVs, and the TSA- just to name a few of the more successful instances.

Again we are fortunate that the nameless planners,bureaucrats,politicians,lobbyists for the various rent seekers and the self-less, advice-giving intellectuals  wisely ignored the frivolous advice of FA Hayek . " It is the curious task of economics to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design." Obstructionist pontification like that serves only to hamper progress.

With the "wise leaders with ideas" at the helm of health care one can be confident that we can rationalize health care while avoiding some of the inconvenient truths about the central planning of  Canadian health care as described here.

Further,we should be grateful that the archaic impediment to the new health care nirvana,namely the restrictive and shortsighted notion of there being a fiduciary duty of the physician to the individual patient,has been corrected by the new medical ethics and professionalism.

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