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Monday, November 12, 2012

With the presidential election settled Obamacare is free to pour forth its bountiful social justice

Opponents of ACA had hoped that SCOTUS would find the act unconstitutional and failing that that the 2012 election would give republicans the legislative power and occupancy of the White House to find way to defang the statute. But no,Obamacare is now unfettered to benefit the citizens of the country with unbounded instances of  social justice. Here are just a few.

Health insurance premiums are set to rise probably everywhere but so far we have published evidence regarding the degree to which they will rise in one state,Ohio,see here for details

The social justice fairy will likely bring more part time jobs at the expense of full time jobs.See here.

 When HHS determined that various methods of birth control would be covered by insurance companies at no extra cost to anyone,not only was a bold step for justice taken but by outlawing the there is no free lunch dictum the gates opened for endless more justice- effortless accomplished by a stroke of the HHS secretary's pen.See here.

With Obamacare seemingly immune from repeal or significant alteration the particularly compassionate and just aspect of ACA ,the granting of waivers from certain aspects by the secretary of HHS can continue unabated. "The secretary shall determine".

Part of Obamacare is the Medical Device Tax.See here how some medical device companies are adjusting by eliminating some jobs.At least some of those employee may have well  "Liked their doctor" but they will not be able to keep them as promised prior to the passage of the statute.Strange sometimes how that justice thing works out.

In fairness it should be noted that the social justice will cost a little bit more than the slightly less than one trillion dollar number that was contrived to facilitate passage of the bill. See here.Nevertheless a bargain at nearly twice the projected cost.

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John A said...

Elsewhere, I have read that "obamacare" may be largely killed by the States. They have until Dec. 21 2012 to "opt out" of setting up insurance "exchange" beuracracies (at billions per State), and can also opt-out of the new Medicare increased coverages - and several have already done so.

If all Republican governors do, 60% of the States will be out. And some Democrat governors have already done it as well.