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Saturday, July 08, 2023

Inflation is not just egg prices how about echocardiogram price hikes

Echocardiogram prices at at least one large megtropolitan hospital system in a large southern city,have accelerated impressively over the last year.
A family member had an echo last year and again recently. Last year's prices was $1461 and this year $4715 plus an $ 69 interpretation charge . Pulmonary function test at the same well known facility was $ 3871. Charges for outpatient imaging procedures are much higher than in imaging centers and echos are magnitudes cheaper in cardiologist offices, Several web sites that monitorcharges reported echo fees in cardiologist offices magnitudes lower than in the hostials echo labs, i.e. in the order of less than $500 in the same city as my family members fee of close to five thousand dollars. Several years ago Anthem insurance company said they would no longer pay for imaging procedures for outpatients done in hospitals.