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Monday, September 04, 2023

Are there growing hazards to your health when venture capital buys medical practices

The spread of corporatized medicine does not just pose threats to patient care but also to those delivering the care, most prominently the physicians and nurses.That harm has been labelled moral injury and is described in the book written by Dr Wendy Dean and Dr Simon Talbot after their ideas were introduced in a STAT article in 2018. Dr.Dean speaks of " a death of a thousand cuts" It is demoralizing to consider that the road to be a decsion maker in medicine is not med school residency and fellowship but an enginering degreee,and a business degree and to the brightest or best connected to get a chance to have a gig at McKensey and then on to venture capital. My rudimentary knowledge of venture capital is that the VC folks buy a business and then organize it to cut cost and make more money so that the business can be sold at a profit after a few years.Employees are a compnay's greatest cost so often employees are fired.It is hard to imaginin that at a medical practice undergoingthe venture capital dust up can be good for either the now employed physicans or the patients.