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Monday, January 21, 2013

Who wrote Obamacare and where is she now?

Who wrote Obamacare? Of course, no one person authored the entire lengthy statute but if one person could be singled out as playing a role greater than any other person that would have to be Liz Fowler.

At least that is what Senator Max Baucus,from whose committee the bill arose, said in the following quote:

 “I wish to single out one person, and that one person is sitting next to me. Her name is Liz Fowler. Liz Fowler is my chief health counsel. Liz Fowler has put my health care team together. Liz Fowler worked for me many years ago, left for the private sector, and then came back when she realized she could be there at the creation of health care reform because she wanted that to be, in a certain sense, her profession lifetime goal. She put together the White Paper last November–2008–the 87-page document which became the basis, the foundation, the blueprint from which almost all health care measures in all bills on both sides of the aisle came,”

Elizabeth Fowler worked with Mr. Baucus previously and then became a VP with Well Point and then back to Baucus to play the major role in writing Obamacare and now has left government "service" to have a VP job at Johnson and Johnson. That's right ,a former VP of the largest health care insurer,helped write the bill that made almost everyone buy health insurance and if they could not afford it a government subsidy would help them buy insurance. Read more details of how Washington manufactures social justice here.

Not only did she help write the law the Obama administration selected her to play a major role in the implementation of the law. See here for details and this quote from that link.

" Clearly, this is a telling indictment of the health care law itself, strongly suggesting that it was constructed by the Obama administration -- as some progressives argued -- as a massive taxpayer-financed giveaway to private insurers like WellPoint. And let's be honest: In investment terms, Fowler has been a jackpot for the health industry. The industry maximized her public policy experience for their own uses when they plucked her out of the Senate. Then, having lined her pockets, they deposited her first into a key Senate committee to write the new health care law that they will operate under, and now into the administration that will implement said law."

So, Obamacare as a giant pork barrel piece of legislation or as leaders at ACP and AMA told us as a giant step forward to provide quality healthcare to "almost all" and further social justice.Cui bono.

Addendum; Added 10/2/14 James Yandle and his grandson (Adam Smith, yes, that is really his name) have devoted a chapter to what they consider the most  significant Bootlegger/Baptist story of our time, Obamacare in their book "Bootleggers and Baptists,-How economic forces and moral persuasion interact to shape regulatory politics"..

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