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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Reading Medical Reversal showed me I was not cynical enough regarding medical matters

If you count the first year of medical school until now I have been thinking about medical matters for over 60 years.With the background of private practice of internal medicine in the 1970s my "journey" as a patient through the corporatized medical labyrhynth of a large medical hospital system with and EHR replete with bogus physical exam reports left me as cynical and resentful as possible, or so I thought But after reading Medical Reversal I found my cynicism soaring to new heights. My cynicism is at least on two levels -1.the indidual generalist's lack of medical knowledge and 2 the level of accepted medical practices that are either harmful of ineffective.It is this second level that Cefu and Prasad address in their book "Medical Reversal" Some of the material they discuss is old hat such as the CAST trial,and the injection of material into collapsed vertebra and the hormone treatment of women BUt there is more discussed in the book,including the controversey regarding Tamiflu,the lack of utility of a widely used anti sepsis treatment,the sham trial disproving the value of internal mammary ligation,the sham trial showing the lack of value of meninsectomy for degerative meniscus tear,and the reversal of the popular treatment for sepsis. "No matter how cynical you become its never enough to keep up" Lilly Tomlin.

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