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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

The attack on science and medicine makes more sense after reading Jason Stanley on Fascism

I was puzzled as to why someone would verbally attack Dr.Peter Hotez and threaten him with physical violence. What problem could they have with someone who co developed( along with Dr. Maria Bottazzi) a Covid vaccine ( Corbevax) and arranged to have it avaialble to millions of people . Two of Maga's big socialinflencers ( Steve Bannon and Roger Stone ) have attaced Hotez with Bannon's words triggering a wave of anti semetic attacks on the physician scientist who has been co-nominated for the Noble Prize for his work on a covid vaccine. What does all of that have to do with Professor Stanley work on fascism? Stanley tells us what fascism is all about. According to Stanley the right wing attack on the free press and the scientific community is stanard operating procedure for fascist movement sinceThe fascist leader needs to destroy the legitimacy of anyone who might oppose his views. From day 1 Trump attempted to denigrate the press.The attack on the scientific and the medical professions came a bit later. "fake news" has been the often repearted claim for anything the press says that runs counter to Trump's version.