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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Interesting new term-"Insurance free medicine" That may be what we need.

Go here to read a very interesting and thoughtful commentary by an academic internist whose thoughts I have quoted before.Dr Matthew Mintz suggests a new term, "Insurance free medicine" which I agree is a useful way to encompass several other terms and to reference modes of medical practice that have evolved to escape the increasingly intolerable world of primary care dominated by insurance companies and CMS. Here I refer to both family practice and internal medicine. do not have enough information about current day pediatric practice to comment meaningfully in regard to the current status of that aspect of primary care.))

Insurance free medicine would cover practice arrangements that are now called the following:
concierge medicine,retainer medicine,cash only medicine and boutique medicine.

I would sign up today if I could find an internist in my area offering insurance only medicine.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. Gaulte,

I was just wondering if there isn't a misprint in the last line of your post. Dr. Mintz seems to be in favor of insurance free medicine, and I presumed you were as well, until that last line. Is that a misprint that should read "free" instead of "only"?

james gaulte said...

Yes, thanks, that line should read "insurance free" instead of "insurance only".