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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More of the weird social justice that Obamacare has given us

See this article from Cato. By reclassifying the status of one hospital in Massachusetts, a number of hospitals in that state by some bizarre bureaucratic mechanism receive more Medicare payment from the Federal Government while that amount is made up for by cuts to the rest of hospitals in the country.This is a big blob of social justice right in your face.

Redistribution of funds based on arbitrary government bureaucratic decisions seems to be a recurrent feature of Obamacare,one poster child for which was the early on exceptions of certain companies from some of the provisions of the law. "The secretary shall determine" theme plays over and over.

The core of laws such a Obama care is that the devilish details are placed in the hands of executive branch entities who can then dish out favors as they see fit and the factions (Madison's quaint term for special interest groups) that can gain or loose from those decisions busy themselves with efforts to bring about some decree of regulatory capture or just simple payoffs.

The crap of "crony capitalism" get wrongfully blamed on capitalism while in reality the rent seeking ( the quaint term economists use for privilege seeking ) is a phenomenon that has become gargantuan because of the progressive mindset's endless quest to give more and more power to the government and to focus that power and control into ever increasing aspects of people's lives. No, I have not forgotten big government conservative's hypocritical initiatives to do about the same,albeit with a different rhetorical cover. More power to the government and thereby more efforts to harness that power for one's focused individual interest paid for by everyone else. But isn't Obamacare furthering social justice?

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MedicalSoundProofingSolutions said...

So... what would you call the entire US tax code... from the home mortgage interest deduction to all the various corporate depreciation//depletion allowances... yer buddy FAH would gag.