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Monday, March 21, 2005

The Doctors at Cedai-Sinai Reject computerized entries

Kevin,MD calls attention to the failure of the computerized medical record system at the Los Angeles hospital.As pointed out in the newspaper account, the problem seemed to be the forcing of the docs to enter notes, etc into a Procrustean system not in the docs using the system to extract information (labs,etc).I have first hand information of a similar situation at a large VA hospital in which the physician's entries into the computer were so time consuming that the surgeons revolted there and said they would not use it.As usual the surgeons had their way but the non-surgeon doctors' complaints were ignored. Computers are supposed to save time-even for physicians-so why not computerized voice recognition dictation with real time turn around.I know that has been talked about for years;is it ready for prime time?

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