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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Medical Ghost Writing-you just don't know who to trust

The blog,(hcrenewal.blogspot.com) has featured several excellent pieces on the topic of the practice of drug companies planting articles in medical journals and recruiting academic medical authors to adorn the articles with a venere of scholarly credibility. What seems to be happening in this propaganda exercise is courageously outlined by Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman in a comment in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. I had noticed that in some of the "throwaway" publications, an occasional article seemed to be a subtle or not so subtle ad for a particular medication or class of medication. It seems that even respected, main stream journals may not be immune to that type of manipulation.
The Health Care Renewal blog is one I recently discovered and recognize it as a great source of well researched information of health care issues. I have added it to my Bloglines feeds for daily reading. I hope that the author(s) of that blog add its feed to Medlogs listings so more medical bloggers can lock on to it.

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Roy M. Poses MD said...

I just discovered this excellent blog. Thanks for the kind words about Health Care Renewal (which has added "Retired Doc's Thoughts" to our very selective blog-roll.)
I just figured out how to enable the Atom site feed for our blog. See the link at the bottom of the side-bar.