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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Former ACP official's straight talk re P4P "... a disaster"

At the annual meeting of the American College of Physicians in San Francisco this year, Dr. Eric B Larson, the immediate past chairman of the ACP board of regents had this to say regarding the pay for performance movement. "...Word on the street is it's a disaster". Details of this disaster were discussed in part in an earlier blog It is refreshing to hear some straight talk from someone high up the ACP organization as opposed to some of the politically correct platitudes we sometimes hear from the ACP, a peeve I ranted about here.
We can only hope that the joint efforts of ACP and AAFP with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality will be able to turn around the harmful programs that some insurance companies imposed unilaterally and put something reasonable in place.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think UHC will make a 180 degree turn?

Anonymous said...

I'm not an MD, I'm a billing advocate. I've been reading a lot about P4P, and know about what UHC is doing. This is not the way P4P advocates describe the program. Are there other more, ah, progressive ways this has been implimented anywhere? (Besides, say, a Kaiser facility?)
My fear is that it will be sold to the public as a necessary improvment to the system, when it is really just another method to control the doctor/patient relationship.