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Thursday, July 28, 2005

A new medical blog on the scene

Notes from Dr. RW is the name of a new blog by a hospitalist and the entries so far are well worth reading. I suggest you add his blog to your list of regular reads.I seem to write a lot about hospitalists and it will be good to perhaps get some input from someone in the business as I tend to be a bit skeptical of the movement.

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rglacsamana said...

I spotted that blogsite too thru MED RANTS and Dr. RW appears to be articulate and knowledgeable, at least from reading his initial postings.

Concerning the hospitalist movement, I think that's going to be a permanent fixture on the medical scene and has been steadily growing. I had some reservations at first, like you, but the quality of the hospitalist physicians, if good, quelled my doubts.

Most HMOs now employ hospitalists.
During my time, I still took care of my private non-HMO patients when hospitalized since I knew best their medical problems and did not want to break that physician-patient relationship.

Having said that, Dr. RW is the type of hospitalist I would not hesitate referring my patients to.
He reminds me in many ways of Dr. Robert Centor of MED RANTS.