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Friday, August 26, 2005

A follow up to restless leg syndrome post and comments

Medscape has an article explaining new warnings issued by the FDA on Requip.RebelDoctor Weblog had commented on my earlier blog indicating that he too felt RLS was probably under-diagnosed and mentioned his approach to therapy . Unfortunately, I had to delete the comments for that blog- including his- as my site was bombarded with spam-comments. (I also put up the usual anti-spam- comments protections.) I did not want the good Doctor from Mississippi to think that I did not appreciate his comments.
Medscape indicates the reason for the new warnings on Requip relate to the sudden
"falling asleep" apparently without warnings that have been reported in patients taking Requip. Physicians in Canada had been alerted to this issue as early as 2000. (for some reason I have been unable to get back to Medscape to set up a link). The major issue, here, is should patients on that medication be driving. The PDR section on Requip indicates that patients should not drive until they determine that the drug does not cause drowsiness and if they do experience drowsiness doing everyday activities they should not drive.

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