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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Great review of major Hospital Medicine issues-Go Web 2

Dr. R.W. has posted a useful series of essays highlighting his version of the top issues for 2006 in the field of hospital medicine. Anyone who is interested in hospital based care will find these entries valuable sources of information and analysis. I found his most recent posting fascinating as it touches on the issue of how a "feel good" project can develop a mind all of its own even while seemingly forsaking basic principles of evidence based thinking in an effort to claim success in achieving its stated goals. I am referring to the widely hyped Institute for Health Care improvement (IHI) Save 100,000 Lives initiative and their claim for success even though the evidence supporting that claim is not only weak but there are good reasons to believe that some of their efforts may be counterproductive. Details can be found in his posts and more late breaking news regarding heart failure performance measures and their lack of correlation with outcomes can be found here.

I continue to be impressed with how rich and valuable the new or virtual doctor's lounge(i.e.the medical blogosphere) can be. The blogs are only part of the so-called WEB-2 which I believe is really changing the way physicians can obtain medical information.


Anonymous said...

Good post but your "virtual doctor's lounge" doesn't work.

james gaulte said...

You are right. For some reason I can link to most sites but not to my own previous blogsdhohmpgi
even though I have in the past. thanks for the info.I'll look into it further.c

Anonymous said...

It is an excellent list: thanks for linking us to it. You and he are like voices of reason echoing unheeded in the tunnel (vision) of the bureaucracies as they continue to screw things up.