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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Yet another reason why students do not choose primary care-from DrRich

Primary care providers-at least those with a M.D. degree- are seemingly moving along a path leading to extinction. In The Covert Rationing Blog, DrRich gives us an important essay describing another reason why docs will not be going into primary care and those who in doing it now will be more likely to opt out.

The latest reason is the rise ( I am not sure how widespread the practice really is) of something called care management consultants.

Go to his blog and read his comments and the reference to a Wall street Journal article on that topic.

This is still another chapter in the book entitled "Medicine is too important (read costly)to be left in the hands of the physicians and their patients".

Cynics would say that these management consultants are just another mechanism to decrease the expenditures of insurance companies while the "vision " statements of the companies proudly state they are trying to improving the quality of health care. To read details about how the big three insurers are improving quality for folks who signed up for the Medicare funded health plans go to this essay by Dr. Roy Poses.

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