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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Medicare E & M System and enforcement is even worse than I thought

If recent posts by prominent medical bloggers ( see here and here) have not stirred up enough anger and fear and astonishment at the Medicare E & M system for coding clinical activities for payment, you should read the latest entry by DrRich .

Draconian is too mild a descriptor what the auditors can do and apparently actually do.DrRich correctly points out that it is a game the doc cannot win if he plays it at all. Opting out of the system seems to be the only way not to loose. It seems to be a world of Kafka inspired bureaucrats wherein if you consistently down code to avoid trouble with the man you can be accused of upcoding.

Read DrRich's essay and see what this powerful single-payer does and see if you still believe a single party payer for the country is the way to go.

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