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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Congress investigates Jarvic TV ad but ignores danger of killer robots

Congress is looking into the TV ads starring Dr. Robert Jarvik, artificial heart valve innovator and researcher, apparently because he never was licensed to practice medicine and alarmingly the ad producers used a body double for the rowing scenes.The legislators apparently are concerned that the ads are "misleading". While protecting the public from misleading ads ( who would have thought ads could be misleading ) is a high priority there may be greater dangers.

I am not talking about the risk of receiving very bad heparin or dying in the hospital at night because all the staff are asleep or something I am talking about humanity in danger from killer robots.


Anonymous said...

Or time to investigate the he-says,he- says issue between Roger Clements and his ex-trainer and not reign in the robots.

Roy M. Poses MD said...

I don't get the killer robot reference.
Is this a plug for Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles (admittedly, the only sci-fi show I currently watch this season)?
Or was a link left off?

james gaulte said...

Oops, I did leave off the link to an article describing the comments of a British military expert who warned that the next threat to humanity was from killer robots.Here is one link to that.http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,142934-c,artificialintelligence/article.html