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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More news on the fall out from restricted house officer work hours

Every time I mention there may possibly be some problems with the work hours restriction regarding house officers, I receive a barrage ( OK, 1 or 2 comments) from folks who consider me to be a old jerk who just wants a return to the good old days and that I want nothing more than to deny house officers time with their families so to better achieve the nebulous work life balance.

Thanks to Kevin for alerting me to this news item. In part, it seems like some surgery residents have been caught working too much in their misdirected efforts to try and learn to be good surgeons. Shame on them.

To disabuse these rebellious surgeon in training from their anachronistic aversion to shift work for physicians, efforts should begin earlier, i.e. in medical school. Rules should be implemented to limit the hours of study allowed for medical students.


Martin said...

Sorry to read such a polemical post after the great discussion after your previous post.
No, James, this post will convince no-one!

james gaulte said...

Nothing like throwing out overblown sarcasm regarding a sensitive subject to generate a few comments.


Martin said...

Let's add some new data:
More work means less education - I cannot see any good in this. Obviously, docotors are no super-humans, who can do everything in 24h without sleep...

Anonymous said...

Do you see another field of sub-specialty law arising from this?