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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Must reading for all internists-DrRichs' take on the bill purported to save internal medicine

DrRich's blog entries typically are insightful and entertaining. This one goes way beyond his usual very high standards.Go here to read his reply to Bob Doherty's recent blog entry," Do internists have confidence in their own training when compared to NPs?"

DrRich writes about the death of internal medicine now being official.I sadly have to agree with him about the ACP supported bill before Congress which he discusses in the context of the current state of primary care in general and internists in particular.

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Anonymous said...

If I understand it correctly, the HR 2350 sets up NP directed "medical Homes" and there is a plan to compare NP lead homes with physician lead homes, no doubt according to certain "quality" and cost criteria and probably on adherence to various goals and guidelines.I cannot believe that the ACP is supporting such a bill and Doherty's blog bragging about it.Could the ACP be any further out of touch with rank and file internists?