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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Statins in drinking water? not quite yet, but CRP for lots of folks?

The JUPITER trial was a great boost for Crestor and the use of the hs CRP and now the FDA gives approval for wider use of at least one statin.See here for FDA information. Dr. Mintz,as is often the case, offers his thoughtful insights to this issue here.

It has been a while since JUPITER was completed so if you want a review and a very detailed discussion of many of the related issues go here to read what DrRich had to say.

I will shamelessly repeat what I wrote earlier:

"You can talk about the fact that Jupiter was terminated prematurely, you can talk about relative risk versus absolute risk reduction and Crestor effect versus class effect but in the end here is the way things seems to work. When you have a large randomized clinical trial that demonstrates a benefit for a given medication and when many well known medical thought leaders endorse it and when it is then approved by the FDA you know that guidelines will be written and quality rule driven medical practitioners will follow and many patients will take the medication and likely insurance companies will pay for some or all of it.So in this case many folks will have their hs-crp checked and they will be prescribed Crestor ( a few will be given lower price statin cousins) and there will be- for a while- talk about crp at parties."

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