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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Overhauling America's Health Care - a must read book

Go here to read a lucid review of an excellent book by Dr. Douglas Perednia.Then go to Amazon to buy the book.It is entitled "Overhauling America's Healthcare Machine."

Dr. Perednia provides a brilliant and detailed description of what is wrong with the current system/non system and then offers his proposal to remedy the mess, a proposal very similar to that offered by Dr. Richard Fogoros in his book, "Fixing American Healthcare".

Wait- why read about plans to overhaul American healthcare, don't we already have a solution in the form of ACA? If you want to read a brief explanation of why ACA is not the answer, go and read Dr. John Goodman's latest comments on the incredible absurdity that Congress put together.

AND congratulation to DrRich At Covert Rationing Blog for his Weblog award for the category of Health Policy and Ethics.

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