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Friday, April 01, 2011

Follow the money rule suggests reason for AARP support of Obmacare

The venerable follow the money rule continues to have explanatory power. This time, apply it to AARP's support for the health care overhaul-reconfiguration bill and presto we have a plausible explanation for AARP support for the bill . Simply put, AARP makes a hefty brokerage fee for selling Medicare supplemental policies and Obamacare dealt a blow to the Medicare Advantage programs so that it is likely many senors will migrate from MA plans to traditional Medicare and will likely purchase a supplemental policy the sale of which is a major income stream for AARP.

See here for details about how much money AARP might make as a result of changes brought about by the health care bill that they vigorously supported.

Meanwhile surveys suggest that most seniors believe Obamacare will diminish access to care for them (that they are the Peters robbed to pay Paul) and more entities are receiving waivers from some of the provisions of Obamacare. Things just get better and better.

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