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Sunday, July 03, 2011

The progressive mind set worries about inequality just about everywhere

See here for David Henderson's remarks about a commentary from former white house adviser and Director of OMB and now VP of global banking at Goldman Sachs.Peter Orszag.

Here,Orszag worries that high tech advances will worsen the gap between the rich and poor in longevity. The various (endless?) parameters that can be used to illustrate the fact that the rich and the poor are different is many ways provide much source of professed worry and endless calls to action from the progressives.

His move to Goldman Sacs should do much to insure that he will be at the top of that gap so that any "solution" to this problem must involve raising up the poor and not lowering the rich although his commentary seemed to offer no practical solution to this worrisome gap .

We will never run out of gaps.Market economics is the engine of prosperity and also the engine of inequality according to Milton Friedman.

There is a body of literature and discourse which emphasizes the notion that inequality is a major problem in the western world, as least in the U.S., and the inequality per se is bad and harmful and therefore there should be continuing policy efforts to shrink the gaps. Here is a well reasoned counterargument to that notion.

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