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Monday, March 19, 2012

Guess what - Obamacare will cost more than one trillion over ten years

The hype leading up to the passage of Obama care included claims that the bill would protect the country from bankruptcy,bend the health care cost curve and boost health care quality. Now the projection for 10 years of Obamacare is for 1.76 trillion and by the time we can get a even finer tuned projection it will likely be twice what it was claimed to be. See here for the projection of OBM.

I guess the social justice will cost a little more as we watch 34 million new health care card carrying folks scramble for the shrinking number of primary care doctors who will see Medicaid and Medicare patients.

The one trillion dollar number seemed to play an important role in the push and pull going on before the health care bill was passed.The cost of the plan had to be less than one trillion and getting the projected cost to be less than one trillion apparently played a significant role in the bill finally being passed.However, the cost estimates were rigged and only three years later are we getting more realistic projections showing how much flim- flam was involved.

1 comment:

Diane said...

Obamacare isn't going to fix what is wrong.

I worry that my already over booked and over worked Primary dr. is going to drop of exhaustion if this doesn't get overturned.

ER's are going to be impossible.

Healthcare will lean toward the HMO model again. Which we all agree was not good for the patients or the Drs.

At the end of the day, Dr's will be on the Government payroll and getting to the Dr. will be like trying to renew your license the first week of summer break- impossible.