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Thursday, December 13, 2012

More social justice bubbles up from the magic Obamacare fountain

There is so much social justice being dispensed from ACA that I can't really keep up. Here is one more instance,one that is imminent, ( Jan 1, 2013) the capping of health saving accounts at $ 2,500 down from 5,000 see here for Forbes article.

Twenty per cent of workers have HSAs.Meanwhile premiums rise on health insurance. So ACA forces folks to spend more on their health insurance and "nudging" them to spend less at their own discretion.

While this latest wrinkle is only a relatively small cog in the mammoth ACA legislation the progressive medical elite can savor it as it is one more move to limit the individual's choice in medical care which is the operational arm of their dominant theme which is "medical care is too important and complicated to be left to individual patient and his physician."

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