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Thursday, February 14, 2013

update on more Obamacare and central planning bad news

 There is an increasing stream of news almost hourly on the detrimental effects of Obamacare and to adequately review and highlight even the more flagrant examples would overwhelm my limited staff (me).
However from time to time I'll offer a few . Here are some for today.

1.The absurd nonsense of the Obama Administration health czars' (the designation czar is alarmingly correct) "compromise" on the contraceptive mandate.See here for  Cato's commentary on that in an article that explains Obamacare's shell game regarding the mandate.

A related story is that offered by David Catron at The American Spectator, see here. Catron tells a story about a lobbyist for  big Pharma who is now the appointee for a major position at HSS,the Barr Laboratories who make the morning after pill and pricing rules dictated by HHS.Crony Contraceptives is the appropriate title of the commentary.Is this another Cui Bono instance?

 2.The revelation of the egregious conditions at the Stafford Hospital in the UK ( see here for many details ) which can serve as a multiple poster child for the horrors of central planning gone bad,how really bad P4P can turn out and to illustrate once again the primacy of the economic principle that incentives matter. However,it may be that with the NHS 's program for reform,everything will work out especially since apparently Dr. Don Berwick may be chosen to lead the reformation of the system whose praises so loudly he sung some time ago.

3.This article from Cato by Michael Cannon explains that Obamacare from its beginning treated legal immigrants and citizens who were in a certain income bracket differently.The immigrants were granted a subsidy for health insurance under an insurance exchange while the citizen would get his health care from Medicaid.The health care obtained under Medicaid is widely regarded as inferior.How is that for social justice?

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