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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The still revolving door of Health care "reform"- yet another chapter

Dr. Roy Poses writes about the odyssey of Nancy DeParle from the health care industry to the health care legislative reform con job known as ACA and back to the health care business-this time with  a venture capital firm which invests in health care related enterprises. See here for his recent blog commentary.

quoting Poses:

"...Ms DeParle came from roles as a steward of multiple large health care corporations to lead the health care reform efforts of the executive branch.  In that capacity, she helped to create and enact legislation that she would later say created many "new investment opportunities."  Now, as the legislation is going into operation, she has spun over to private equity to take advantage of these opportunities. "

A similar tale can be told in regard to the person Sen. Max Baucus credited as playing a key role in the cooking of the legislative meat of Obamacare. I have commented on  that before. See here.

Once again a well deserved kudo to Dr. Roy Poses for  his tireless efforts to shine as much light as he can on corruption,rent seeking and crony capitalism in the world of health care.

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