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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Set point theory of threshold of physical actiivity to maximize the "health span"

Dr. Lazarus and Harridge from King's college in London have suggested that by observing the trajectory of decline in physiological parameters in highly trained athletes we are observing the diminution  of function due solely to aging. In other words, there is no confounding issue of inactivity's effect of time related losses in function.

They talk about a "set point" for optimal exercise  and a threshold of physical activity that is needed  to age optimally and to thereby optimize the so called health span.Exercise above this hypothetical set point would increase a person's athletic performance but may not positively affect health.

This is reminiscent of Busse's 1969  concept of primary and secondary aging wherein such things as exercise ( I suppose the nebulous optimal amount) and eating right ( if we can ever figure out what that is exactly) would would minimize secondary aging  but primary aging would trudge along unimpeded.

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