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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

If there is increased coronary calcification in some long time endurance atheletes,is that a good or bad thing?

If there is increased  coronary calcification in long time endurance athletes,is that a good thing or a bad thing? Also if true is it true only in white males? The Cardia Study (1) found an increased risk of coronary calcification in white men ( depending on what statistical model was used) but not black men.

 Funnily enough a similar question can be asked in regard to the use of statins with  more calcification reported in users of the more potent ( in terms of LDL lowering power) statins.(I am aware of no racial differences reported in that regard)

So is the absolute worse thing you, as a white male could do would be to run excessively for 30 years and take the most potent statin ever?

1) Laddu DR 25-year physical activity trajectories and development of coronary artery disease as measured by coronary artery calcification.

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