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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Documented cases of Delta variants in fully vaccinated patients

 The setting was an outdoor wedding near Houston Texas for which only vaccinated persons were allowed to attend. Fully vaccinated and outdoors-and yet six cases with 2 hospitalized and one death. 

See here for the pre print .

Of particular interest in patient 1 who had received the Pfizer vaccine and had no comorbidities.He required hospitalization and was treated with Regeneron antibody with recovery.

Patients 0a and 0b traveled  to the wedding from India and tested negative before the flight.Patient 0a was hospitalized and died from covid19 complication one month after the event. Both of the visitors from India had received the Indian covid vaccine.

The planners of the wedding were careful-having the event outdoors and required the quests to all be fully vaccinated. The report does not mention whether masks were worn but according to CDC recommendation masks are not required for outdoor events for fully vaccinated people.

Eight fully vaccinated health care workers apparently contracted covid 19 at a swimming party.All were mildly ill with upper respiratory symptoms and self quarantined. See here for link.These cases were much milder than some of Houston wedding guests who contracted covid and also seemed linked to the Delta variant. 

Clearly fully vaccinated does not mean fully protected from the Delta variant.

Should the CDC's mask advice be fine tuned in view of the increasing number of Delta variant cases and its apparent increased infectiousness and possibly capability to evade the vaccine's protection.Another element in the argument is that Israel's Health Ministry has stated that the Pfizer now appears to have effectiveness in the 60% range for protecting against infection but still has protection against serious illness and death in the 90% range. 

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