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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Libertarian takes on covid vaccination mandates and anti mandate mandates

 Robert A Levy of the Cato Institute discusses some aspects of the recently announced covid 19 mandates on the Septembers 1 Bob Harden Show podcast. 

Interestingly  Levy did not specifically use the term which is   the so called prime directive of libertarianism. The non aggression axiom. If one believes that the world is in the throes  of a pandemic involving a respiratory virus that spreads by aerosol transmission and that this  disease is very contagious and that vaccinated and of course unvaccinated can spread the disease and that masks mitigate the risk and that vaccination mitigate the risk then not wearing a mask in public in an area in which the disease is spreading should be considered an aggressive act.Therefore not wearing a mask under those conditions is about as un libertarian a thing as there be.  

 Governors Abbott and DeSantis have through their executive actions and/or legislation they sponsored acted to limit the private property rights of business owners in their states. Business owners have the right to set the terms and conditions of their employees and the terms of business arrangements of their customers. Both governors have prohibited  businesses from utilizing a de facto vaccine mandate regarding their customers. Conservatives have long favored a " no shirt,no shoes no service" business approach. which they now discard in an effort to what they seemingly believe to   gain approval of  a minority of Republicans who are perceived to be strongly anti  mask and anti covid vaccination under the faux banner of preserving freedom while actually abrogating the property rights of business owners. 

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