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Friday, March 17, 2023

Will long term endurance exercise really keep a youthful heart

 Willl longtime endurance exercise really preserve ( help preserve) a compliant left ventricle (LV) and mitigate the age related stiffening of the LV and the aorta?

Is the only solid evidence for that thesis the extensive work of Dr. Ben Levine and his coworkers at the Institute for Exercise and the Environment?

Some longitudinal studies have shown that active exercise achieve grater preservation of 02 max than do sedentary people but there are  studies that contradict those findings.

Possible mechanisms by which long term exercise might preserve a compliant LV include:

animal work showing that rats with long time exercise develop elongated muscle fibers

improvement in calcium transport during relaxation 'increase in myocytes and improve fatty acid oxidation decreasing lipotoxicity  Bhella , Impact of lifelong exercise dose on left ventricular compliance and distensibiity J Am Coll Cardio. 2014 vol 64 no 12 

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