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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Medicare and Price controls -one more time

I harp on the theme of the effect of the price controls on physician's fees in regard to Medicare several times. It is good to see someone else playing that song. See here.

Price controls equals less and poorer quality medical care and PPACA , in part, through the agencies and panels it establishes will only make worse.

For another glimpse back into Economics 101, read this commentary by yet another articulate, thoughtful, EP cardiologist-blogger who talks about the decreasing supply of primary care docs and the soon to be ( well, by 2014) increase in demand for medical services plus the additional factor of more docs likely to be on salary and the likely incentives that will bring.Further, the increasing shortage of medical providers is not just in primary care.See here.

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Anonymous said...

If you are near retirement age, the best way to stop enabling the government is to deny the government your productivity by retiring. I did this and it makes me feel great.