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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More on freedom to purchase one's own health care

See here for a interesting review of aspects of the history of health care insurance in the U.S. from Peter Zavislak at the blog Medical Pastiche. Note carefully what almost happened with Hillary Care .More detail on one important development in the history of US health insurance,namely the RBRVS, can be found on Doug Perednia's blog, The Road To Hellth, See here.

This is what Thomas Sowell had to say about what was being planned for America's health care by Hillary and friends in the update to his 1980 masterpiece, Knowledge and Decisions.

....[the]1993 attempt to have the government take over the entire medical sector of the country-an attempt spearheaded by people with neither medical training, hospital management experience,nor expertise in pharmaceutical research or even in the running of a drugstore.

Note what was contained in the Hillary care plan. Here are Zavislak's words on that:

Clinton Era – Attempted passage of Universal Health Insurance Plan Fails. IF it had passed, it would have been illegal to use one’s own private funds to pay for services NOT covered by this plan!!

This was a close call apparently largely averted by in fighting among Democratic party factions but this time we have a home run for those who believe that medical care is too important to be left to the individual physician and the individual patient that was made to happen by some folks with the same qualifications as described above by Sowell as well as some folks who actually went to medical school.

No, PPACA does not contain words that explicitly prohibit private transactions between physicians and patients ( as Hillary wanted) but see here for Dr. Richard Fogoros's presentation of his concerns about that possibility arising out of the recently passed health care reconstruction.

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