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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The locus of medical decisions will shift evenmore with Obamacare

Thomas Sowell said the following as a good summary of the second half of his book Knowledge and Decisions:

Even within democratic nations,the locus of decision making has drifted away from the individual,the family, and voluntary associations of various sorts and toward government.And within government, it has moved away from elected officials subject to voter feed-back, and toward more insulated governmental institutions, such as bureaucracies and the appointed judiciary.

Think about the role of IPAB, the binding pronouncements of USPSTF, and the astounding power of the Secretary of HHS under ACA.All of these and other aspects of Obamacare point to the observation that there has never been a larger shift in the locus of medical decision making in U.S. history.
 and in the absence of its repeal the likelihood of a shift back approaches zero.

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